Our Philosophy

I like to call it non-curriculum. The curriculum lives in each of us. When we structure our classes around the personal relationships we develop with our students we are more prepared to create content that they NEED at the time. 


Playing to cultivate creativity. Working to build a practice they can bring into their lives. Rest to to pull the energy they’ve scattered back to themselves. 

Be Open

Don't Judge Others

Be KIND to yourself

Encourage Eachother


What do we need to create a Safe, Brave, Space?

I call it the 'Umbrella of Respect'

Self Love

Feel Supported


Respect Your Mat

Be Kind

Create these important rules as a group on the first day of your class. If your students have a "say" in the rules, they will have a vested interest in the structure of the class and will hold themselves and each other responsible. It's a good idea to bring these rules to the class every week. Refer back to "THEIR Umbrella of Respect" when needed. 


Build in places for self expression. Cultivate creativity in games.


Here's where we do our breath work, yoga sequence, group poses & partner poses.


Children benefit from this deep rest not only at the end of yoga class but also throughout their day. 

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